Potential – Creator

Infinitely long ago, so long ago that it cannot be expressed in real sizes, in real number of years, the cosmos was created. Before it there was nothing but empty space without any energy, without any matter, without anything, just an infinitely vast void. And then, spontaneously, mild springs appeared in several places, that is, mild energy effects.

Energies of the Cosmos

At the beginning of his work, the Creator made an energy called the Unified Field, to which he transferred all his powers needed to create new energies. From then until today, the Unified Field has created and nurtured a large number of different energies. In addition to the Unified Field, the Creator has created eight global energies that are the backbone of the cosmos and form its basic structure, of which only four are interesting to humans.

The Second Dimension Of Creation, Paradise

Developing in the right direction, the human race increasingly accepted a positive way of thinking and harmonizing its thoughts with the will of the Creator, thus enabling itself an extraordinary spiritual evolution. During almost a million years of such gradual development, step by step, the human race on the planet Earth reached the highest possible level, the so-called second dimension of creation, or what has remained in human memory as Paradise.


Aura is the energy field around the body, which our eyes can’t see. The human aura has the shape of a ball about 25 meters in diameter and we carry it around us all our lives, like a snail carries its house on its back. But it is so much more than that!

The Creation of Living Beings

The creation of living beings was the work of the Energy of the Tree of Christ, with the blessing of the Creator. The first extremely simple living beings created the Energy of the Tree of Christ with a certain idea, a certain intention to cover the surface of a planet, consisted of unstable elements, with a structure that would stop the continuous decay of the planet’ surface.

Goal of Spreading the Holy Knowledge

The essence of the effect of spreading the Holy Knowledge consists primarily in harmonizing the thoughts with the will of the Creator and achieving the right way of thinking, but also by getting acquainted with the Creator, with his work, with the need to respect and love him immensely. The spread of the Holy Knowledge has the task to make the human community progress quickly according to the will of the Creator, so the whole endeavor is closely connected with the Creator and he is the central person, the central goal and essence of the whole endeavor.

The Purpose and Goal of the Spritual Energies’ help

The basic error in the human assumption is that God will do good deeds to all who ask Him, and even to those who don’t ask Him.
The Creator does not act on anything that is directly related to people, but the Spiritual Energies do it for him and in his name. However, their help to people, as we know, is conditioned by the harmonization of people, that is, by matching human thoughts with the will of the Creator. This leads to a state of pure aura, which in turn enables rapid spiritual development and better contacts with Spiritual Energies.