Here, at the seminar, we do not talk about matter, only about energies that people are not familiar with. Not about gravitational or electric energy, but about thousands of other super- intelligent energies that science knows nothing about. When it finds out one day, then they will be taught about in schools. The knowledge of energies is unknown to people, it is not available to us, it is not in front of our noses, because it is the Holy Knowledge that is on the other side of the barrier, which man cannot cross. No matter how advanced human science and philosophy are, man cannot genetically move into that space where the Holy Knowledge is located, which is available only to Spiritual Energies, and not to people. Fortunately for us, Spiritual Energies are ready to pass this knowledge on to us through people who are able to descend into a very deep meditation, unimaginable to an ordinary person. It is not a meditation where we look at a candle flame and think we are meditating – it is a meditation in which our brain works at an extremely low frequency. In the awake state, the human brain functions at 20 hertz, so 20 times a second the brain emits something. When a person sleeps, their brain works at 7 hertz, and when they are in a coma, God forbid, it functions below 3 hertz, the brain does not work, it emits something but we are not aware of it – we are unconscious then.
Deep meditation begins with someone practicing for years and decades to achieve a frequency of the brain that is incomparably lower than coma, provided that the person is healthy, can think normally, and isn’t agitated or unconscious. These are meditations below 0,15 hertz. The meditation in which I descend today, after 25 years of practice,
is 10-145 hertz. Only in such deep meditations Spiritual Energies are ready to transmit to us the Holy Knowledge that is extremely important for the development of an individual and the entire human community. The person who receives this knowledge is obliged to pass it on, because it is useful for all people. I have been receiving this knowledge for decades from Spiritual Energies and I only pass it on here, at the seminar, and it is related to energies, but it also includes our health, intelligence, creativity, ability to communicate with Spiritual Energies, development of spirituality about all virtues that adorn a true man.
As amazing and unbelievable as it may seem to you who are for the first time here at this seminar, you will experience energies – you will be convinced that they exist. The description and presentation of these energies, of their qualities, will amaze you, but it is a true presentation of their behavior. This is the same thing that happens to someone who first encounters electricity after grabbing a wire and the current shakes him, so he says: “What is this? I didn’t know it worked like this!” But once he found out, he believed.
In a same manner, you will be introduced to the way these energies work, with the exception that they do not hit anyone, they do not harm anyone. These are intelligent and super-intelligent energies that created our ancestors and are creating us today. The effect of these energies on us is very mild, it is barely felt, so as not to upset and frighten us, but at the same time they have an extremely positive effect. Therefore, in order to experience their pleasant and noble effect, you must close your eyes and concentrate. If you don’t experience them, it doesn’t matter, because those who come for the first time don’t know what to pay attention to. Many don’t feel anything, some feel a mild effect, some feel it in a more significant manner, but the action of energies is always pleasant and useful. It is not an electric shock, it is a preconceived healing and developmental action. What super-intelligent energies give us, it heals us, it improves our health, creativity, intelligence, and increases our spirituality, tolerance, humanity. In addition, at the seminar we do exercises in which you advance your spiritual development, raise it to a higher level. At each seminar, there are two or three topics in the field of the Holy Knowledge that I talk about in detail, which are new, which you hear for the first time.
So, what you will hear today, and in the next seminars here, will be very strange to you, but do not jump to conclusions, because you know very little about an area about which other people also know nothing except for those who come to seminars “Path to Enlightenment”.

Greece, 2008.