Ljubiša Stojanović (1935–2014)

Ljubiša Stojanović

Ljubiša Stojanović was a doctor of energy-information science and a regular member of the International Academy of Energy-Information Science in Moscow, a master of economics and a graduate electrical engineer.
Since 1986, he was completely dedicated to healing and researching spiritual energies, unknown to science. He is the founder of Energy Spiritual Medicine, which, as one of 18 alternative methods, is recognized by scientific medicine by the Rulebook published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia.
Dr. Ljubiša Stojanović is the inventor of a unique line of independent healing, protective and developmental products of Energy Spiritual Medicine that act forever: pendants, tablets, creams, healing video cassettes.
He was the founder and director of the healing research center of Energy Medicine “Ljubiša Stojanović” in Novi Sad. Associates of the center, specialist doctors, university professors, conducted clinical and scientific research on the effects of the application of Energy and Spiritual Medicine. Clinical trials have shown positive results in most chronic diseases of our time, organic and mental. Over 2,000 people completed his healing seminars.
He led the seminar “Path to Enlightenment”, where he introduced people to the Holy Knowledge that was transmitted to him in deep meditation by Spiritual Energies. The seminar was held once in three weeks, for 20 years, in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Subotica and for a time in America. His disciples have continued to transmit the Holy Knowledge.
He wrote 15 books: Bioenergy – a World without Diseases (written with his brother Branislav), 1987; Bioenergy – Chakra Healing Techniques, 1989; Laws of Bioenergy, 1991; Healing, 1995; Places of Power, 1998; Holy Knowledge, 2000; Knotting (written with Slobodan Nenin), 2001; Interviews with Tesla, 2002; Knowledge from Beyond, 2003; Aura, 2004; Man – Origin and Future, 2007; Enlightenment, 2012; Culture of Energetic Lifestyle and the Ecology of Consciousness, 2013; Spirituality of Ancient Civilizations, 2013; and Energies of the Cosmos, 2014. Three books have been published in English: The Secret of Healing; Places of Power, 2004; The Holy Knowledge, 2004.
Dr. Ljubiša Stojanović was awarded the High Belgian Order for Research in Bioenergy in 1992. He won the Eureka Silver Medal in 1992 for the product concentrator.
At the International Fair of Alternative Medicine in Skopje in 2003, he received the statue “Da Vinci” for Energy medicine.
At the International Invention Fair in Banja Luka in 2004, he received the “Mihajlo Pupin” award for the “Divine Water” tile.
He has given presentations on Energy Medicine and Holy Knowledge at several international congresses on invention and alternative medicine.