Miodrag Aleksić created, preserved, and published a work of Spiritual Energies, which was passed on to Ljubiša Stojanović, and it represents a cosmic archive very important for human civilization.
That book contains all important directions for the survival and development of human civilization. The book has no earthly value, nor can such value be assigned to it, because that knowledge is the greatest wealth that a person can have. The book is interwoven with narrations of spiritual consciousness, centers, and cosmic energies that encourage the human race to awaken and follow the path of spiritual development, not the path of self-destruction.
During the life of Ljubiša Stojanović, the Energy Cloud knew that some of his students would take over some part of the Holy Knowledge and publish it in order to spread it among people in the name of higher goals. During his life, Ljubiša Stojanović had so many written elements that he could not physically arrange and convey all that to the public. Many narrations have not been published yet, and that will depend exclusively on the interest of his former environment, which did not understand the need and importance of spreading the Holy Knowledge.
Narrations from the Cosmos represent both the Latin alphabet and the Cyrillic alphabet, both Hebrew and Latin, and whatever basis of a language and script.
The book is interwoven with the energies of truth, tolerance, peace, harmony, and regeneration. Every reader of this book will have the opportunity to receive all the listed benefits in full effect. You can as well call it a strong energy structure that emits all those energetic actions that people deeply lack.
It is particularly significant that in the book there are activators for awakening human consciousness and finding all the true values that have been removed from the human race for thousands of years.
Each reader will receive several activations for spiritual development in each segment of life as they will receive exactly what they need most. Every reader will experience an in-depth perception of the meaning and usefulness of the Holy Knowledge.

Due to his devotion and dedication in publishing of this book, Miodrag Aleksić received special blessings from the Energy Cloud and Ljubiša Stojanović. In the process of preparation and publication of this book, Miodrag Aleksić got everything that would take someone else fifty years or more on the spiritual path to get.
Energy Cloud and Ljubiša Stojanović thank you through you, Robert, and we send him strong support to listen exclusively to the directions of the Spiritual Energies. This needs to be announced in a video address because in the moment when you read these passages, all people will receive extremely powerful energetic actions and some initiations to remove obstacles on the spiritual path.
All people who spread the Holy Knowledge in the name of higher goals are guided by the hand of the Creator, symbolically speaking, because the Creator becomes a part of their essence.
We also thank Miodrag Aleksić and you, Robert, for your dedication and work on dissemination of the Holy Knowledge.

Some of Ljubiša’s students, Srđan and Robert, continued to spread the Holy Knowledge. Robert Vojnić Purčar spreads the Holy Knowledge, which he received in deep meditation, at workshops “The Beauty of Spiritual Development” in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Skopje, and on the internet.