The content of this  website is the Holy Knowledge. The Holy Knowledge cannot be obtained by human means of research but only by the transmission of Spiritual Energies to someone, in deep meditation. He who receives the Holy Knowledge is obliged to pass it on to others because it is useful and necessary for the survival and development of human kind, the planet Earth, and all living beings on it.

During his 25 years of research in the paranormal spiritual field, Dr. Ljubiša Stojanović received a large corpus of the Holy Knowledge, which he published in books. He led a multi-year seminar “Path to Enlightenment”, where he introduced people to the Holy Knowledge and its positive effects on health, spirituality, intelligence, creativity, tolerance, humanity, etc.

This book is the first part, or the first volume, of information about the cosmos, about the energies of the cosmos, about the Creator. Its goal is to make it easier for people to understand the meaning of their development, what is their path, what they will encounter, what they need to prepare for, and what they will receive as a gift in the end.

From the beginning of the universe until today, everything in it has been made by the Creator. People need to know that, to accept it, and cultivate exceptional respect and love for the Creator.

Holy Knowledge teaches us about the emergence of disease, healing from disease with energies, the possibility of protection from negative thoughts and stressful situations, or protection from disease, as well as some basic elements about the development of man as a spiritual being.

 Spiritual Energies

Narrations from the Cosmos will enable the reader to get into the essence of the Holy Knowledge, the essence of the functioning of the cosmos and above all the essence and possibilities of helping Spiritual Energies and centers to human civilization, not only in healing but also in spiritual development in many other areas as well.

 It will provide people not only with the truth but also with the right kind of knowledge, the knowledge that people need, and that is an energetic way of life and ecology of consciousness that will enrich human knowledge, restore health, then prevention, which will enable the masses to preserve health, prevent disease, as well as gain extremely fruitful spiritual development.

It provides basic knowledge about the energy part of man, i.e. about that which is not the physical body, but human soul, aura, light body, cord that allows contact between the light body and aura. It teaches us how to make sure that these elements function optimally, which is a guarantee of psychophysical health and the possibility of spiritual development.

Lao Ka Civilization

This section will reveal to people the true history of the human race, the paths and detours it has traversed over a million and a half years since it separated from other variants of the human idea or prototype, with a concise but extremely studious analysis of the current state and dangers to the human race, as well as one variant that provides people with sustainable development, moreover, accelerated development to the Ideal Society and Order, and then to take big steps to return to Paradise from which people were expelled, that is, to return to the Creator.

Still, when he expelled people from Paradise, the Creator was aware that he possessed an immense power of forgiveness and that, at some point, he would have to forgive them their sins, so he left some possibilities for the redevelopment of the human race hidden in its genetic code, while the application and use of these powers that people had in Paradise were blocked by the Creator, until the moment when the human race, suffering for its sins, accepted its mistakes, repented, and started again on the path of approaching the Creator, i.e. thinking only in a positive way, in accordance with the will of the Creator. 


The essence of the effect of spreading the Holy Knowledge consists primarily in harmonizing the thoughts with the will of the Creator and achieving the right way of thinking, but also by getting acquainted with the Creator, with his work, with the need to respect and love him immensely.

What will surely improve is that there will be no wars, that people will start solving their problems peacefully. That is number one, the most important thing. The way people think will improve to such an extent that it will create a completely different public opinion, the opinion of the majority that will be against wars, against exploitation, against the rich and the poor, against hunger and against starvation, against exploitation of all kinds.


Faced with a challenge, most people, instead of looking for a way to solve it, try to find a culprit responsible for what happened to them and they direct all their negative thoughts to that person. This wrong way of thinking leads to the occurrence of negative thoughts. Negative or harmful thoughts provoke all sorts of negative feelings that can be aggressive (hatred and power struggles), or passive (dissatisfaction, grief and fear). Negative thoughts result in damage to the aura, decline of the nervous system functioning, and eventually the appearance of organic and chronic diseases.

Positive thoughts and feelings are creative and useful. They are not harmful and do not represent any harm or threat to anyone or anything, and especially not to people. We say that such thoughts are on the path of the Creator, that they are in harmony with the will of the Creator.

Energy Cloud

Aura is the energy field around the body, which our eyes can’t see. The human aura has the shape of a ball about 25 meters in diameter and we carry it around us all our lives, like a snail carries its house on its back. But it is so much more than that! We are the aura, the way we experience ourselves: our thoughts, feelings, consciousness, health, just that it’s all realized through our bodies.

In over 80 percent of cases, a disease is a consequence of disturbances in the energy structure of the aura. Our thoughts emitted by the brain represent an energy wave that can be beneficial, indifferent or detrimental to the energy structure of the aura. Negative or harmful thoughts: dissatisfaction, grief, sadness, fear, hatred and power struggle cause damage to the aura. Stress, in addition to negative thoughts, is the main cause of aura damage.

Energy Cloud

But in essence, in principle, in its intention, in its idea, the soul should enable man, in one way or another, in accordance with the content of these cells, to realize something that is noble, developmental, to enable man an easier contact and understanding of the will of the Creator, easier definition of positive thoughts, tolerance, humanity, morality, nobility, which we can turn into the result of all these inhomogeneous elements, into the spiritual development of man, which it directs towards the Creator.

People have long sensed that there is a close connection between spirit and body. 

The old saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body” should in fact be interpreted in the opposite way.

A healthy body in a healthy soul.

Keys of  the Sacred Knowledge

The Earth also has an aura, as do people, plants and animals. Every living being must have an aura, even the planet Earth, since it functions as a living being.
Negative thoughts spread from our brain at high speed and instantly reach the end of the cosmos. They damage our aura and create many chronic diseases, but at the same time they also damage the aura of the planet Earth because they pass through it when they spread from our head on the way to the cosmos.

True spirituality is reflected in the extent to which someone who prays, a clergyman, a priest or an ordinary person, it does not have to be a priest, has received help from the Spiritual Energies for the benefit of people, himself, neighbors, or all of humanity. So, the Energy Cloud spoke only about spirituality, and that is what the prayer of any man gives as the help of the cosmos to people.

Spiritual Energies are ready to help in healing, so that people will not have to become poisoned by chemicals, but to be healed with completely pure energies.

Ljubiša Stojanović