Energies of the Cosmos

The Energy of the Tree of Christ

At the beginning of his work, the Creator made an energy called the Unified Field, to which he transferred all his powers needed to create new energies. From then until today, the Unified Field has created and nurtured a large number of different energies. In addition to the Unified Field, the Creator has created eight global energies that are the backbone of the cosmos and form its basic structure, of which only four are interesting to humans.
These are the Energy of the Tree of Christ, which consists of several hundred independent energies that act together in the form of a beam of energies that gather in one part of the cosmos and pass through that part like a vine, and then expand again, encompassing the entire cosmos, and return again to this spiral part.
Second in importance is the Energy of the Holy Spirit, the third is the Energy of Light, and the fourth is the Energy of Space. These global energies are located at every point in the cosmos, while other energies in most cases do not occupy the entire cosmos but have their own specific dimensions that can be extremely large, almost immeasurable to human concepts. According to their importance and their development, we can divide energies into special ones, which usually have smaller dimensions but are extremely intelligent, with immeasurable knowledge, usually for specialized areas, and that knowledge is often greater than those that four global energies have. However, global energies have a cutting-edge knowledge in all possible fields. Then there are super-intelligent spiritual energies with vast knowledge, followed by intelligent energies with a much lower level of knowledge, then semi-intelligent, and finally non-intelligent energies.
Each of these energies created in the cosmos has its own specific task, its own work program, its own development program, its own trajectories, tasks related to cooperation with other energies, and what is very important: they are all among themselves in specific contact. Cosmic energies don’t have names, but they are easily recognized by their characteristics, frequency, content, the programs they encompass, the tasks they solve.
The Creator only makes embryonic energies that contain everything that a certain energy, when realized, when it matures, will be able to do, including even the parts that define the possibilities and directions of energy development in the distant future. The Creator hands over the produced embryos to the Unified Field, which adds them the energy part, thus creating energy fields that gradually, with the help of the Unified Field, develop the programs for which they were created, which is an extremely slow process, so it often takes billions of years to fully develop. Lately, even global energies have managed, with the permission of the Creator, to develop the possibility of creating new energies, starting with their embryos, which especially refers to the Energy of Christ’s Tree and the Energy of the Holy Spirit.
Therefore, except for the embryonic energy, the Creator does not create anything by himself; the Unified Field, global energies, and other energies of the cosmos do it all, but at the same time nothing can happen in the cosmos without it being built into the embryos of all cosmic energies, created by the Creator. This means that there is no democracy in the cosmos, no free behavior of energies, not even their free development, because simply nothing outside of what the Creator has implanted in embryos can be created.