The Purpose and Goal of the Spritual Energies’ help

The basic error in the human assumption is that God will do good deeds to all who ask Him, and even to those who don’t ask Him.
The Creator does not act on anything that is directly related to people, but the Spiritual Energies do it for him and in his name. However, their help to people, as we know, is conditioned by the harmonization of people, that is, by matching human thoughts with the will of the Creator. This leads to a state of pure aura, which in turn enables rapid spiritual development and better contacts with Spiritual Energies. They again correspond to such persons with more intensive help, especially when it is sought with the so-called paranormal request – prayer. Therefore, there is no help just because he is God and we are humans, there is no help just because  everyone needs help, and there is no help just because God is good and forgiving.
It is extremely important for people to understand that the help that comes from the Spiritual Energies has its purpose, its goal, that it is not shared with everyone who needs that help. The goal of this help is to stimulate people to align their thoughts with the will of the Creator.
This goal is not an end in itself, its realization means a pure aura, an accelerated path to enlightenment, the maturation of as many Light Bodies as possible, and better physical health. That purpose is, therefore, in the function of the great mission that the human community has, which is to help in the development of one generation of Light Bodies.
This means that there is a single pyramid of action, the top of which represents the maturation of all Light Bodies of people. That pyramid is consisted of small pyramids of each individual person. Each small pyramid is based on the alignment of that person’s thoughts with the will of the Creator, and the result of which gradually goes to the top of the pyramid where that person’s enlightenment is, and then comes the maturation of two Light Bodies.
This means that Spiritual Energies in the name of the Creator should direct, activate and strongly help harmonize the thoughts of people with the will of the Creator as the main condition for enlightenment and maturation of Light Bodies of individuals, and generally, at the level of human community, the great task set before the people.