The Creation of Living Beings

The creation of living beings was the work of the Energy of the Tree of Christ, with the blessing of the Creator. The first extremely simple living beings created the Energy of the Tree of Christ with a certain idea, a certain intention to cover the surface of a planet, consisted of unstable elements, with a structure that would stop the continuous decay of the planet’ surface. For this purpose, the Energy of Christ created immeasurably simple living beings, incomparably simpler than the simplest viruses known to humans, who lived for a short time, fed on chemical vapors from the surface of that planet, and after a few minutes, like almost invisible dots, glued their dead bodies to the surface of the planet, thus creating a sticky thin layer over a long period of time that has managed to protect the planet’s surface from decay.
After that first model of living beings, Christ’s Energy upgraded this original structure, creating more complex beings over an extremely long period, using an energy field we called the Great Energy Field Number One, which realized all of the Energy of the Tree of Christ’s ideas about creating new beings in Cosmos. They were distributed on planets and other habitats where they could survive.
Prototypes or ideas of these living beings were not created once and for all. They were programmed to adapt to the conditions of the environment in which they lived, so that they gradually changed, while developing physically and intellectually, so after billions of years it was difficult to recognize in them the prototype from which they were created. A huge number of prototypes was created, more and more developed, because the Energy of the Tree of Christ created them by upgrading, perfecting, and refining the previous types of living beings, on the one hand, and on the other hand the conditions of life created new subspecies, new branches of these original living beings created by the Energy of the Tree of Christ.
Creation is the highest achievement, the highest goal of the cosmos, which in the main determination of the cosmos – development – comes to the first place, because without the creation of something new, regardless of type and content, there is no development. Nothing can be developed without moving ahead, without creating anything new. Creation is, of course, a broad concept, starting with the creation of energies, energy fields, cosmic centers, various groups, various programs for energy entities, etc.
One small part of these creative possibilities is the creation of living beings, where the creation of beings with a material body takes up an incomparably smaller part of the creation of living beings. You know that with the approval of the Creator, his support, and his blessing, the Energy of the Tree of Christ took over the creation of all material living beings. Let us now dwell only on them for the whole cosmos, for all the habitats where living beings with material bodies can survive, evolve, reproduce, and progress in accordance with the basic cosmic principles. Most material living beings occupy planets and some similar habitats, but there are also material living beings that are not bound to solid habitats, such as meteors, planets and the like. However, most material living beings live on planets or similar celestial large, medium, or small bodies.
The Energy of Christ set itself the task of solving two major issues. The first was to provide suitable habitats, i.e. planets and the like for the life of beings with a material body, that is, to adapt the way of life or to enable those material living beings to survive on planets with completely different living conditions. The second issue was that, at the same time, the Energy of the Tree of Christ wanted to create an infinite number of types and kinds of living beings with a material body, in order to fit into the general variegation, general diversity, and extreme complexity and richness of the cosmos in energies, in dead matter and living beings with material body.