Goal of Spreading the Holy Knowledge

The essence of the effect of spreading the Holy Knowledge consists primarily in harmonizing the thoughts with the will of the Creator and achieving the right way of thinking, but also by getting acquainted with the Creator, with his work, with the need to respect and love him immensely. The spread of the Holy Knowledge has the task to make the human community progress quickly according to the will of the Creator, so the whole endeavor is closely connected with the Creator and he is the central person, the central goal and essence of the whole endeavor. The spread of the Holy Knowledge in the human race on the planet Earth is a project of returning people to the Creator, to His will, that is the essence of the Holy Knowledge! That is the goal of the Holy Knowledge! Accelerated return of people to the Creator through aligning thoughts with His will and correcting the way of thinking and harmonizing it with the will of the Creator. That is the essence of everything. Everything else is also very important, but it serves to support this basic goal, to facilitate it, to direct it towards it, to remove barriers and obstacles and other things that slow us down or limit us on that path. It should be clear to people, to your seminars, that the Holy Knowledge is not something vague, without form, without borders, center, without point, without main content, without determination, but it is a very centralized teaching, concentrated learning towards one goal that is very clear, very precise, very simple and straightforward.
The basis of the spread of the Holy Knowledge, its essence, its ultimate goal is to harmonize people’s thoughts and ways of thinking with the will of the Creator. Everything else is support, reinforcing, relief, guidance, removal of obstacles along the way. When that is achieved, then humanity will have multiple benefits, because it will not end with people harmonizing their thoughts and way of thinking with the will of the Creator, and everything staying the same, without changing, people starving and perishing of hunger, humans terribly exploiting each other, too rich and too poor, hatred, national, religious, racial that creates wars, greed, kidnapping, exploitation of other nations, etc. This is the current situation, but the harmonization of thoughts and ways of thinking with the will of the Creator leads to epochal, grandiose changes that have never existed among people, if we count back 127 thousand years, since the fall from Paradise.