Apereance of an Aura

Aura is the energy field around the body, which our eyes can’t see. The human aura has the shape of a ball about 25 meters in diameter and we carry it around us all our lives, like a snail carries its house on its back. But it is so much more than that! We are the aura, the way we experience ourselves: our thoughts, feelings, consciousness, health, just that it’s all realized through our bodies. Something similar happens by transmitting our thoughts through speech, with the help of vocal cords and language, but these organs are neither their source nor their essence. However, it cannot be said that the aura is the primary and the body is secondary. The aura is conceived to exist together with the body, and each of them have its irreplaceable role. There is no aura without a body, nor a living body without an aura.
The aura consists of three main energies: gray and white bioenergy and information energy. Gray bioenergy forms the basis of the aura, and white brings it to life. Gray bioenergy is drawn from the surrounding space through the chakra channels into the aura, and then spreads throughout the aura, while its excess is expelled.
White bioenergy circulates only within the aura, so that the energy channels – acupuncture channels – are brought to the center of the aura in the energy stabilizer, which then disperses it throughout the aura, in order to distribute it evenly. It is the only energy in the human aura that has intelligence, so thanks to it we can think. Our health, intelligence, creativity, and spirituality depend on the proper circulation of white bioenergy through the aura.
Information energy transmits all kinds of information through the aura.
The aura has ten layers of different purposes and colors, with the normal aura being dominated by red and gray tones.
The life and functioning of the aura takes place through its ten functions and several sub-functions. The most important functions are: psychophysical health, information transfer, intelligence, and creativity.
In the white bioenergy there is also human consciousness, because, in addition to the ability of thinking, it has a great capacity to memorize all the conclusions it has reached. Thinking, therefore, is not done in the brain but in white bioenergy, while the brain has the role of emitting thoughts, memorizing conclusions, and organizing the work of the body’s organs.
Aura is not an unchanging energy state, it changes and develops. The greatest help to its development is provided by the Light Body – a noble energy structure that helps a person find their way through life and be creative. In addition, the development of the aura is achieved through many years of creative work and meditation, which leads to the maturation of the aura – the creation of a yellow core in it. Further spiritual progress enables the aura to reach a high level of purity and enlightenment. Enlightenment is a significant increase in the creative potential of the aura, and if a person uses the newly acquired opportunities for the development of the whole human community, a new Light Body is created from the yellow nucleus of the aura, and soon after both Light Bodies mature. After the biological death of the person, the Light Bodies go to Places of Power and into the cosmos, where, as masters of the cosmos, they live forever.