Aligning of people’s thoughts and ways of thinking with the will of the Creator

Faced with a challenge, most people, instead of looking for a way to solve it, try to find a culprit responsible for what happened to them and they direct all their negative thoughts to that person. This wrong way of thinking leads to the occurrence of negative thoughts. Negative or harmful thoughts provoke all sorts of negative feelings that can be aggressive (hatred and power struggles), or passive (dissatisfaction, grief and fear). Negative thoughts result in damage to the aura, decline of the nervous system functioning, and eventually the appearance of organic and chronic diseases. The desire for wealth and power leads to the enormous development of negative emotions, pollution of the human environment, damage to the ozone layer, etc.
The natural consequence of the deviation of thinking of a large number of people from the will of the Creator is the generation of an increasing number of conflict situations that lead to crises, wars, dissatisfaction of a large number of people, physical killings and severe damage to the nervous system of millions.
When a problem arises, there are only two correct ways to solve it:
1. If possible, the problem should be solved as soon as possible;
2. If the solution exceeds the possibilities of that person – the problem should be forgotten.
This approach to the problem will not create negative, but only positive thoughts. Positive thoughts and feelings are creative, creative, and useful. They are not harmful and do not represent any harm or threat to anyone or anything, and especially not to people. We say that such thoughts are on the path of the Creator, that they are in harmony with the will of the Creator.