What Happens after Death

There are two very important differences between the philosophy of reincarnation and Sacred Knowledge. According to reincarnation, the consciousness of a dead person returns to a new human embryo. 

According to Sacred Knowledge, after death, consciousness goes to the cosmos, where it lives for a very long time and never returns to Earth again. At the same time, a perfect copy of our consciousness is in the person’s Light Body. Leaving the body after death, consciousness consists of white bioenergy that was an integral part of that person’s aura and constitutes an intelligent energy being.

Therefore, our lives continue after death in two forms:

  1. As a consciousness that has nothing to do with our previous lives, other than the last one, nor will it in the future have anything to do with our next lives or Light Body. Essentially, it can live a very long time, up to 30,000 years, if it avoids various dangers that can damage it or even completely destroy it, especially on the way to cosmic Refuges;
  2. In our Light Body, which contains all the data from previous lives, even about the last one, down to the smallest detail.

Light Body takes over a new human embryo within 49 days. Young consciousness arises and develops simultaneously with the new body, taking over white bioenergy from the remains of the auras of extinct microorganisms and other plants and animals from the surrounding.