Second Light Body 

Light Body and mature Aura

Simultaneously with the maturation of the Light Body that followed the lives of several hundred human generations, another mature Light Body emerged from that person’s aura, as a consequence of their extraordinary development during life. After the maturation of both Light Bodies, an enlightened person can regulate the length of their life so that they can realize all the programs they have imagined in order to help the advancement of human civilization, the planet Earth, and all living beings on it. At the end of their biological life, both Light Bodies go to the Places of Power where all mature Light Bodies gather for thousands of years.
The difference between the first and the second Light Body is that the first arose from a spark emitted by the energy of the Tree of Christ, and it gradually evolved, following hundreds of human lives, until it matured. After maturation, it no longer needed to follow human lives and it no longer took on new human embryos.
The second Light Body was created as a result of an extraordinary development of a given person during their life. It represents, like the first, the knowledge of the universe, but at the same time it is the consciousness of that person. After the person’s biological death, their consciousness continues to live without a physical body, to think, in the form of the energy that makes up the Light Body.
The gathering of mature Light Bodies in Places of Power and their stay in them for a period of thousands of years is a phase within the Great Goal, whereby their role is to help the advancement of people who visit Places of Power by permeating the Light Body of the visitor, transmitting to him the amount of knowledge that he is able to receive. It will remain in the Places of Power until the Light Bodies of most people mature, thus completing the process of creating mature Light Bodies, and they begin the process of cleansing the aura of the Earth and other celestial bodies.