Origin and Appearance of Light Body

Light Body and mature Aura

Light Body begins its life as a spark that represents its embryo in which all its future properties are embedded. However, this built-in program is not realized automatically, but only represents a possibility that needs to be realized. The sparks come to the Earth from the all-pervading energy, which we call the Energy of the Tree of Christ. By merging the sparks with auras of the prehistoric people, their consciousness gradually develops so that they, from animals, become human after several generations.

For people with developed paranormal vision, Light Body looks like a ball-shaped plasma structure, the color of old gold, which in some places turns dark red. There is a halo around it that does not seem dazzling, but calm and pleasant. This Body never rests, it is constantly in motion, like plasma, creating on the surface bulges and depressions, which indicate that these movements are performed in its interior as well.

Light Body is outside of our physical body and aura, in space, and it moves through space at will, appearing without movement, at the same moment wherever it wants, with the restriction that it can be at most 300 meters away from its human. Light Body constitutes a very strong energy charge, composed of several types of intelligent energies, most of which are noble, especially, as we called it, the yellow energy. Under certain conditions, Light Body can emit these energies or take over new ones.

Every human has their own personal Light Body, that is, more accurately speaking, every Light Body has its own human. It participates in the creation of our aura and physical body, and plays an immensely important role from the beginning of the human embryo until death.