Mature Light Body

What happens when Light Body matures?

Developing with the aid of hundreds of generations of people, Light Body will find itself very close to its full development, to its full maturity, during the life of a person. As a consequence of their creativity, that is, their spiritual development, in the center of the aura, in the thoracic-abdominal area, the nucleus of the so-called Yellow Core begins to form in a person, in the shape of a dot composed of yellow tribal energy. Thanks to further creativity, after several years that point grows to become a large energy ball 2 meters and 20 centimeters in diameter, encompassing the whole body of that person. In order for the Yellow Energy Body to develop further, it must change its content and purpose. Thus, another Light Body is created from it, which completely takes over the Yellow Core. The second Light Body develops quickly with the help of the first Light Body and the creativity of this person. If that person continues their extremely creative behavior, after some time they will achieve enlightenment, which will bring them a significant increase in the creative potential, the activation of which will bring their Light Body to full maturity.

The enlightened ones often do not use this chance and do not bring their Light Body to maturity. In that case, after death, their consciousness goes into space, and Light Body chooses a new embryo. However, if the enlightened person continues their creative activity, both Light Bodies, the first and the second, mature at the same time. This phenomenon is a reward to that person for exceptional commitment and creativity throughout life. So, when mature, there are always two Light Bodies, never one. They are not the same, but differ in size and other traits. The first develops thanks to the creative work of hundreds of generations of people, while the second reaches full maturity in just one life. After reaching maturity, and after the biological death of the person, Light Bodies collect and reside in certain places on Earth. There are more of them and they are usually located on the sites of old temples, where the development of the civilization of the ancient peoples began. Light Bodies that have not yet reached maturity also gather at these places, but only in the period between the death of a previous person and selecting a new person.