Light Body

Light Body and mature Aura

Through the Unified Field, the Creator continuously produces various energies whose goal is a certain action in accordance with the needs of the functioning of the cosmos. There are, however, deviations from the normal behavior of energies in the cosmos, due to the immeasurable dimensions and contents of the cosmos. In order for these deviations from normal behavior not to go too far, it is necessary to correct them in a timely manner so as to maintain the normal functioning of the cosmos. For this purpose, special energies are used that must meet certain criteria to be able to correct all deviations in space:

  1. they must be composed of super-intelligent energy that is so subtle that other energies cannot change it in any way;
  2. their super-intelligence must ensure that they find the optimal solution in every situation,
  3. their age must be eternal

In nature, such an energy does not exist, nor can it be produced by the Unified Field. It must train itself for all kinds of actions. This development is best ensured with living beings who have free will. As the energy of the Tree of Christ is in charge of all living beings in the cosmos, it emits the embryos of future Light Bodies that attach themselves to the auras of the most promising living beings on individual planets. In order for a mature Light Body to develop from an embryo, it is necessary for it to spend thousands of years in cooperation with living beings, and it takes between 150,000 and 200,000 years for most Light Bodies, related to certain races of living beings, to mature. Such a large number of mature Light Bodies was a critical mass that was sufficient to start the process of renewing the aura of their planet of origin, and then to develop and expand their activity, wherever their help was needed. After a long time spent correcting errors in the cosmos, mature Light Bodies drown in the Unified Field where they live forever, until the end of cosmos.

The human race was chosen, 144,000 years ago, to realize this Great Goal. In a fierce competition, with a dolphin and a wild boar, man became the bearer of this noble process.

Why has humankind been chosen in particular?

The basic principle, which guided the energy of Christ in choosing the animal species, was that, in its development, the species would have the greatest problems to solve in order to survive. The narrowest selection included dolphins, boars, and humans. In that sense, people had a great advantage over the other two competitors – they had to and will have to constantly adapt to new conditions and solve various problems – change of residence, change of climate, change of diet, etc. Helping people solve these problems provided the greatest opportunities for the development of Light Bodies.

In dolphins, these changes and problems were minimal. In their intellectual and spiritual development, dolphins had a great advantage – at the time they were already preparing for creating a common consciousness, while people only a few years ago managed to create an embryo of common human consciousness.

In addition, the human hand had the ability and need to adapt and train, while the dolphins did not need it.

The boar was the worst in every respect, but still at that time it was the third animal species ranged by intelligence.
From then until today, Light Bodies have activated the process of creativity and the development of intelligence in humans, and their creative behavior has enabled the development of the Light Body, from the embryo to the final stage of a mature Light Body. In that way, each Light Body, following the life of the person to whom it was added, achieved a certain development. After that person’s death, the Light Bodies took over the next human embryo in order to, as a rule, make a new step in their development. Extremely creative people managed to improve the development of their Light Body so much during their life that it reached a level that is only a step away from maturation. Then came the phenomenon known as Enlightenment, when a person got exceptional creative, mental, paranormal, and physical abilities that an ordinary person could not achieve. If a person uses these new creative possibilities for the development of the human community, then the full maturation of their Light Body occurs.