How Light Body Chooses a New Human Embryo

There are two basic criteria that Light Body is guided by when selecting a new human embryo:

  1. A genetic basis that encompasses the intellectual and emotional characteristics of the parents that the child will inherit;
  2. Type and degree of development of the cultural environment – for, if the culture is high and stimulating, then creativity will not be suppressed in it, but developed. 

Civilizational environment and educational model even have an advantage in choice over the genetic basis, which means that Light Body will not opt for an intelligent child in a remote area, but rather for a less intelligent child, but living in a civilized environment, where there is enough information and whose parents are not too strict, but encouraging and ready to dedicate themselves to the upbringing of their children, because that will provide greater creativity to the future child.

If that person is creative, Light Body can achieve greater progress in its development during their life than it had in dozens of previous lives. If, on the other hand, a person is not creative, Light Body will stagnate in its development, waiting for a new human embryo, after that person’s death.

Light Body develops from a spark, all the way to its maturation, only with the help of its human, it cannot develop on its own. The process itself takes place in such a way that our creative work forces Light Body to be constantly awake and active in order to monitor our activities, which leads to its development. This work consists in its energetic strengthening and increase of paranormal powers, dimensional increase and strengthening of brightness. Its development will not be straightforward, but in some of our lives we will significantly help its development, while in others it may stagnate, with the only criterion being our creativity. However, after many generations of people, Light Body will reach its full development, it will mature. As human help is only needed to encourage the development of Light Bodies, once Light Body matures and reaches perfection, it no longer needs the human being.

Each of us will, sooner or later, in this or some of our next lives, become enlightened and stop appearing in a human form, as a large number of people have already experienced. That is the goal of each of us and from life to life we are getting closer to it. Light Body, becoming fully mature, continues to live forever.