How Light Body Acquires its Knowledge

Since it has no senses, Light Body establishes contact with the object of its interest – with a human, an object or phenomenon – with the help of rays. This manner gives incomparably more information than through the senses. In order to gain knowledge about various phenomena, Light Body uses its powers to obtain it from the sources that have them on their disposal, such as mature Light Bodies in Places of Power, Spheres of Knowledge, Cosmic Library and others. Once it acquires knowledge, Light Body not only constantly retains it, but thanks to its own super intelligence, it multiplies it and draws countless new conclusions and wisdom from it. People probably can’t even assume the level of knowledge of Light Bodies and their intelligence.

A Cable or Cord is an energy ray composed of a large number of little energy channels through which information is transmitted from Light Bodies into the human aura. This means that Light Body doesn’t send any signals or waves for normal communication between it and the human aura, but the main part of this information goes through the Cable or energy Cord or ray. It is a continuous connection between Light Bodies and the human aura, and as Light Body approaches and moves away from the human aura –the maximum distance can be 300 meters – so that ray extends and shortens, but it is never interrupted, it is never torn. The most important thing is that this communication between Light Bodies and the human aura exists at all times, meaning that at any given moment something is being transferred from Light Body to the human aura, whether it is some information or some kind of change in the aura in terms of improvement, cleansing etc. 

Through this ray, Light Body takes over the information about the human aura and body with perfect precision, accurately and instantaneously. This means that this ray or Cable functions in both directions: from Light Body towards the aura, and from the aura towards Light Body, where Light Body independently takes over the knowledge about the state of a human aura and body, indicating that the human aura does not send it, nor the body, but it receives this information about each person automatically thanks to its own great intelligence and paranormal powers, and the information is then transmitted by the Cable into Light Body.