Functioning of Light Body

Light Body and mature Aura

The action of Light Body upon us takes place in several directions, paving our way through life, and above all, strengthening our creativity. Although it indicates the best path we could take, it leaves the final choice to our free will. Light Body does not communicate messages to us by voice, but those messages reach our consciousness in a paranormal way, so our consciousness manages only partially to decipher them. Which part of the total sent information will be translated from the paranormal to the normal level and to what extent exactly – it largely depends on the sensitivity of the person, as well as on their general psychophysical condition.
Light Body is our spiritual creator and guide throughout our lives. But our death does not mean its death either. It continues to live its infinite life. However, after the death of a person it was leading until then, Light Body must find a new human embryo within a period of 49 days, and if it fails to do that, the deadline is 60 days. Then, in the same way as in the previous case, it will follow the development of a new being, until its death. Thus, one after another, lives of several hundred people change until Light Body reaches from a spark to full maturity.

Is there a connection even after our death with Light Body as well as between the hundreds of people it changes during its development?

After we die, our consciousness, as a special energy structure, composed of white bioenergy, which was an integral part of our aura during our life, remains alive unless it is damaged. However, our entire life is built into the memory of Light Body – everything that happened to us, all the thoughts, desires, all the experiences and knowledge we gained. When Light Body breathes consciousness into a new embryo, it thereby recreates us, only in another body, because our previous body, due to the limited length of life, had to die. However, that newborn child is not aware, nor will it be aware when it grows up, that it constitutes a continuation of life of another person who, as a rule, is not the late father, or mother, or any relative of that child. That previous person, whose life we continue, can be of any gender, nation, race, religion, from any part of the globe.

This phenomenon is reminiscent of the metamorphoses experienced by a butterfly when a caterpillar first hatches from an egg, which at the end of its life phase passes into a chrysalis where, gradually changing, a butterfly emerges from the caterpillar. After it comes out of the chrysalis, the butterfly is not aware that it was alive before that, only in a different form. The caterpillar, although it ceases to exist in that form, does not die – it will continue to live in the form of a butterfly, although it will not be aware of that, believing that its life ends in a chrysalis. Our parents have the task of creating our body in this life and, our parents have the task to create our body in this life and to enable us, with their love and devotion, unhindered psychophysical development, bringing a part of their being into ours, as is our duty toward our children. However, our real ancestor is, not by blood, but by Light Body, some person who lived before, maybe on a completely different end of the world, of a different gender, different skin color and religion, not our parents. It may be more accurate not to call that person an ancestor because it is, in fact, us in a previous life. So, all the lives that our Light Body follows, starting from its beginning as a spark until today, are not the lives of different people – they are all our lives, only in different bodies that lived in different times. Light Body has been following the life of each of us for thousands of years.