Energy Spiritual Medicine

A Prayer to the Creator for Healing
A Prayer to the Christ’s Energy for Healing

Energy Spiritual Medicine is based on the Holy Knowledge that Dr. Ljubiša Stojanović received in deep meditation. They tell us that in the cosmos, in addition to the Creator, there is a huge number of energies, many of which are superintelligent with immeasurable knowledge and powers. They know perfectly the structure of the human body and aura, because they had created us. Spiritual Energies know in detail not only the nature of the diseases that people suffer from, but they also know their cause and, most importantly, the way in which an energy action, without the use of chemical and other means of mainstream medicine, gradually removes the disease and heals the organs, returning them to their normal function.
It is because of that exclusively energetic way of healing the disease, that this method is called Energy or Spiritual medicine. It got the name Spiritual because in its realization, the most developed energies of the cosmos, which are collectively called Spiritual Energies, provide help to people.
Spiritual Energies respond to the healer’s request, prayer to heal some or all of the patients’ illnesses. Anyone can ask Spiritual Energies for healing, but their help is all the more great and effective if the supplicant is on a higher level of spiritual development.
Spiritual medicine is realized through healing sessions and healing products. Healing sessions are realized by request, prayer to Spiritual Energies and have a one-time, time-limited, powerful effect after the request. They are repeated several times, every few days. Healing products are programmed by asking Spiritual Energies in deep meditation to act on the people who use them. They can be tied to pendants that continuously, gently emit their effect on the people who wear them. Or they can be attached to pills, creams, gels whose action is realized after use.
The best results are achieved by the simultaneous application of healing sessions and products.